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Explorer II

Gradebook not set up before grading began


I'm looking for some suggestions please.

Issue: Assignment group weights were not applied, in a class so the gradebook was not set up; grading has begun. I'm hoping to find a resolution that will allow for gradebook to apply the group weights and the correct grading scheme despite the fact that grading has begun.

Goal: Avoid manual grading by instructor. 

I hope this was clear.



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Surveyor II

An admin can go in manually set the assignment group weights.I have had to adjust it for a few teachers that didn't set up at the beginning as they are unable to make changes themselves.

Adventurer II

As far as I know, the assignment groups/weights can be created or edited at any time by teachers in the course.  The groups and weights really just change how the total grade is calculated, and don't change individual assignment scores at all, so no regrading of assignments should be necessary.