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How your institution is structured to handle Canvas?

Hi Canvas Community, how are you all? 

I'm doing a research globally to understand how other institutions are structured to handle all routines envolving canvas (Creating courses, accounts, enrollments, etc). But, before that, will like to discuss here about it.

Here in Brazil, i have seen some examples:

  • The LMS administrators are inside the IT structure
  • The LMS administrators are inside a team called Educational Technology. This team handle all the things about the lms itself with the it support to help, in some cases, on integrations, sso, database etc
    • Inside this team, some common roles:
      • Lms Administrator: They handle all the jobs inside canvas, even inside a course (inserting documents, creating assignments, feedbacks, rubrics etc..).
      • Bi Analyst - Will handle the Lms database and create/analyze reports to help on the decision-making
      • Developers - Will create lti, local softwares.
      • Support (tiers) - Will handle any question that the studante have
      • QA's - Will guarantee the quality of the implementation of all the routines from this team

And what about the rest of the world? For sure, even inside Brasil there is probably other structures that i don't know and i'm willing to.


Alexandre S.

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