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ISSUE: Enrollment did not pass validation - Course is not a valid course

For our latest SIS Import this morning we received 203 warnings of an error message that I'm completely stumped on.

enrollments.csv - An enrollment did not pass validation (course: 2207_SDCCD_ARTF_100_SEC3014, section: , user: 0005497476, role: student, error: An enrollment did not pass validation (course: 2207_SDCCD_ARTF_100_SEC3014, section: , Course is not a valid course)

Can anyone possibly explain to me what this error message is?  I've looked over both the courses.csv file as the enrollments.csv file and I don't see anything wrong with either file.

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Surveyor II

I have this same issues only 20,000 times.  😞


I'm having the same issue. Hopefully we can get a response here faster than what I get from support. 

Having the same issue.

Surveyor II

Try re-encoding the file use something like sublime text editor and click file save with encoding  UTF-8.

If the file was opened with excel or something sometime else theres a good chance it add extra random characters.

Surveyor II

was there ever an official response on this? I am incurring this issue with only one course, but none of my imported files to create had any issues with it. I cannot manually create a course as it says the SIS ID is in use, but I cannot actually pull up the course or enroll students in it. 

I'm having the same issue with one of my courses on the import.

The actual issue related to a scheduling error in PeopleSoft. Once the error was corrected the "Not valid course" error message went away.