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Surveyor II

Import Issues

Has anyone else had import issues with the FTP uploads over the last month? We run our uploads 4 times a day, and we have had imports stall twice in the last 30 days (end of June).

Subsequent imports then become "Pending" and stack up. We have to have Support abort the "running" import to get things moving again.

Support says there is nothing to indicate an issue with our files, and they do not know what causes the import to be hung.

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Adventurer II

I don't have an answer to what causes your delay. I can share some experiences.

Sometimes I've had issues because of how I sent something or sending them too often when one hasn't finished. I most recently experienced this when moving to a 20 minute differential and some of those differentials took longer than 20 minutes for Canvas to import. One of the causes may have been a shared file space and as new CSVs were being created, others were being collected, zipped and sent to the API. I updated the code to skip a job when one is already running and resolved the issue.

I know that if we send a weekly import it can sometimes take or has taken a few hours.

I think Canvas distributes these jobs more now so they are faster.

You don't have to put in a ticket to abort these, if you want to get moving faster.

SIS Imports - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

Has endpoints to abort a single import by id, or abort all pending.

I use this in an API tool of choice (Postman, Paw)

or the Canvas Live API 

Hi Robert!

To give a bit of background, we upload these files to the canvas SFTP site 4 times a day. These are full file imports, not differential. Our imports roughly take about 25 minutes to process all 13 files that we upload.

We FTP these files to their server, and they're picked up on the 30 minute mark of the hour. They're usually finished processing and we receive an inbox/email notification of the status of the import around the 55 minute mark of the hour.

We also run a demographic-only import through the API on an hourly basis. This happens at the 00 mark of the hour, and typically takes a few minutes to process. 

If, lets say, the FTP process (13 files) is running and is importing, and for some reason it's taking longer than normal...if I start the API demographic import (3 files) could that cause some sort of collision issue in canvas?

When you say that you are skipping the job if one is already running, are you doing this all on your end through your script (i.e. checking to see if the script is running already)? Or are you querying the API to see if a job is running already, and then implementing a *wait* in your script?

I'm thinking because we're importing one way through FTP, and another way through direct API, it may be causing an issue?