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Including a subnet in a Quiz Filter IP Address

I'm new to Canvas, but learning quickly. I just read this article:

and I have a question about the "Filter IP Address" setting.

Can I enter a subnet here via cidr notation? Ie: Or Can I put in more than one range this way, in the case where multiple vlans might be in use?

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**Update:** I'm still curious to know this, but I just realized it won't really matter to me. Our old Moodle installation was literally on campus, and would see the internal addresses of student devices, where I could know what vlan they were using and restrict access from vlans used in residential buildings. The new Canvas system is self-hosted, but in a colocation data center, such that it will only see the campus public addresses... no vlans. So I'd still like to know what's possible here, but I'll never personally have reason to use it.