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Is there a way to determine when a quiz was modified and who modified it?

I have a master course and a live course and the live course quiz question types on some questions are different.  A student took the exam and wasn't able to answer some questions because the question types were incorrect, so an essay box and fill in multiple blanks option weren'tt displaying, however, there were students that had taken it previously several months ago (it's a self-paced course) and they were able to answer the same questions because the question was set up correctly.  I'm trying to determine who and when the questions were changed.  Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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One more clarification since it's kind of foggy.  The questions in the master course were set up correctly.  The live course looks like the quiz questions were set up correctly at one point because I viewed some student submissions in Speedgrader, however, those were from about a year ago.  The students who are taking the course started taking it a year ago, then stopped, and then started back up again.  There are some students who still need to complete the course, and one student recently took the exam and that's when I got the note that they weren't able to answer some questions.  When I looked at the questions, the question types weren't set up correctly, i.e., the questions that were previous fill in multiple blanks were now set to essay questions, yet a text box wasn't displaying for the student to answer the questions.  Also, when I edited the question, there were 5 "wrong comment" boxes displaying with no comment (almost like it was taking the place of the actual 5 answers).  When I changed the question type to "fill in multiple blanks," the 5 possible answers displayed so it's telling me that this question was modified, and I need to figure out who and when it was changed. 

I hope this makes sense!   Any help is greatly appreciated!



I'm going to make a few assumptions here. 1) You are an instructor  don't have admin rights on your instance of Canvas 2) That you are not using the Free for Teachers instance of Canvas.

My first thoughts would be to a) Contact your local Canvas admin and see if they can search page views for the other people who have access to this course or b) Contact Canvas support and see if they are able to ascertain who accessed and edited the quiz.

Canvas support can also check different student's submissions to see which version of a quiz students completed.

I'm actually a Canvas admin.  There are a couple TAs and teachers in this course who do have access to change quiz questions, so I was checking to see if there was an easier way than looking at their page views.  Also, I'm not sure if someone else who has admin rights changed it and didn't notify me or the teachers when it was changed. 

I'll ask Canvas support.


Let me know what you find out Lisa.