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Looking for others who use Canvas to deliver self-paced, asynchronous courses

I have been searching through the community, without success, for information on this topic.  We are a company that provides 100% asynchronous, self-paced courses where individuals individuals can complete to prepare to sit for national certification exams.  I am looking for others who are using Canvas in a similar way so we can share ideas and strategies for how to manage the unique requirements teaching this way presents.


A couple of quick examples:

1) What is a best practice for updating courses?  Unlike a traditional college or secondary school course, we do not have defined start and end dates.  This format gives an instructor the opportunity to make updates to their course to be rolled out when the next course begins, usually the start of a new term.  For us, the course is continuous, with new students being added to the course daily.  Because we are continuously updating our courses, not only to keep subject matter current (we provide medical training and so the are constant changes) but to improve the course experience,  this presents a significant challenge.  

2) How do you track student's progress?  Canvas seems to work best with all students moving through the course material at a similar rate and with defined due dates for assignments. For us, since students are being added each day, are allowed to move at their own pace, and I have not found a way to create individualized due dates, I am finding it hard to accurately track the progress of our students.

Any help, and especially finding others who are using Canvas to deliver asynchronous, self-paced learning, would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Welcome to the Canvas Community! I am sure you will find some good discussion on this topic, but because I noticed you were new to the Community and had also shared this in the Instructional Designers group at Help with course design for self-paced, asynchronous learning and looking for others who deliver cou..., I thought I would take a moment to welcome you and let you know that you can use the 'Share' button at the top right of the page to have your question or discussion appear in multiple places rather than having to post it more than once. I will share the above post to a few other places that I think it may receive some attention and I will also change it from a question to a discussion since there is not likely to be a single right or wrong answer. 

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Thank you for helping to navigate this new world and I appreciate your sharing to some additional groups.

Canvas is powerful but also seems to have been designed for instructor-led courses where groups have common start and end dates and common due dates for assignments.


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