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Surveyor II

Managing Substitute teachers in Canvas

For those of you managing enrollment through a SIS (we use Skyward), how are you managing day subs who don't get access to Canvas through staff tables and report pickups.  We have a process for our long term subs, but with fully remote, our day subs or any subs there for under 20 days don't get access.  I would love to hear how other schools are navigating this.

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Surveyor II

Hi Kirsten,

We are currently working toward granting account-level admin access with a role restricted down to only allow adding staff to course, and via that those users could add the subs to the the courses they are covering for the sub period. We've not settled on the admin permissions yet, and are wishing they were more granular, but we have what we have. The sub would get a specific Sub role in the course, which would not allow them to change anything in the course.

Once the regular teacher returns we are leaving it up to them to remove the sub teacher.