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McGraw Hill Wonders QTI Import

Unable to import the McGraw Hill Wonders assessment QTI files, any ideas?  The process queues, kicks off then starts to import -- then almost immediately we get a failed message -- "There was an unexpected error, please contact support."  Escalated this to Tier 2 Canvas support as well as the McGraw Hill team... both are saying it's the other party's issue.

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hello @kshillito , have you tried opening the .zip file to see what was in it?  I have tried some of the other QTI files recently and I have had to open the .zip and inside that were more .zips that had the question banks in them.  Basically they used a .zip file to send the QTI files and the file itself was not importable.  The .zips inside worked fine.  Not sure if that is the issue but the problem presented itself in the same way so thought I would share.





Hi Nick,

Yes, I was wondering that same thing.  When I opened the zip files I found no additional zip/s, just a 3 folders (assets, media, style) as well as a series of xml files that are in the zip, not contained in a sub-folder.