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Moving from Blackboard Learn to Canvas

Greetings everyone!

I'm the LMS admin at a small liberal arts college, and we're currently in the process of moving to Canvas from Blackboard Learn. I have about 15 years of experience as an LMS admin, first with Educator (don't ask), then Moodle, then Blackboard Learn.

I have read hundreds of threads here in the Admin forum, and dozens in the Developer forum. I have programming experience with C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP & Visual Basic, MySQL & TSQL, in addition to HTML & CSS, and Windows PowerShell + Batch files. I'm looking forward into getting underneath the hood & experimenting with the API!

I've completed the Admin, Faculty & Student courses on, and I have read (and bookmarked!) several blog posts and documents (Awesome CanvasLMS, the Canvas Admin Checklist, etc.).

I've been in the system quite a bit, and figured quite a few things out. While I feel fairly confident about our move, I'm trying to figure out the "unknown unknowns", i.e. the things I haven't thought about because I'm not aware of them. The best way to learn is from others' experience, so I'm here to ask for any hints, tips, best practices and lessons learned by those who specifically moved from Blackboard Learn to Canvas. I look forward to hearing from everyone and participating in the Canvas Community!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @MikeBrinkman ...

We've never used Blackboard Learn at our Technical College, but I wanted to point you to an area of the Canvas Community that you may or may not have seen yet: LMS Migration Strategies - Canvas Community.  (I found this in the GROUP HUB menu which is at the top of the screen.)  You may find some good resources in this group, too!  Good luck!

Thanks for the recommendation, @chofer!