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New Turnitin LTI and Speedgrader?

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Is there any way to have work still appear in speedgrader when students have turned it in to the new turnitin TLI?  Right now we have the old plugin running and it works perfectly for us.

I have JUST gotten my faculty on board with using speedgrader and the idea of losing that option is going to be a BIG blow for our Canvas use.

Besides having students turn in work twice, is there some easy way to grade in speedgrader but still get the originality report from turnitin?


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THe Turnitin tool is excellent, but without the ability to sustain it & or respond to requests in a 24/48 hr period they have lost our business until they can provide what we've paid to see.


I am not an instructor, but I have helped one of our full-time faculty members set up the Turnitin LTI interface for one of his courses.  From what I have gathered, the Turnitin LTI app is working fine.  I've also tested out the LTI app in my own sandbox course in Canvas, and I can tell you that if you create a rubric via the Turnitin interface (not the Canvas interface) and then use it for grading, the score will pass back to the Canvas gradebook.  As mentioned in my earlier reply (above), Dallas has a great blog with all kinds of useful information (Canvas and Turnitin) that's worth reading.

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Hey, Melissa! With the latest update to the Turnitin LTI tool on 8-29-15, a copy of the student's file gets sent to Canvas. You can grade with the speedgrader and use annotations, and the Turnitin icon for the originality report is back in the Speedgrader (and grade book). The only sticking point is that Canvas rubrics are still not usable with the LTI tool, but that will be coming in a future update.

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These are the key settings to ensure can access Tii ORs via Assignment page as well as via any link Speedgrader or Grades (before due date) without getting error messages


Testing has confirmed that a student who successfuly submits can view the Originality Report

a) from same assignment page within 1-5 mins of first submission

b) from Grades but only before due date  ( there is at least 10 - 15  min delay from first submission for the link to appear in Grades)

A marker using Turnitin Grademark and Turnitin rubric should only access via Assignments - NOTE once a submission has been marked - marker cannot see Tii colour in Grades view

my top tips :

a) access submissions one by one from Assignment view to avoid time out issues i.e close Turnitin window after complete marking each submission using GradeMark and rubric etc ( do not go to next submission from Turntin window - more likely to get timeout - adding comments and completing rubric = activity, scrolling up ad down is not activity and time out is after 30 mins of inactivity

b) start with adding  inline comments, reviewing them to aid rubric completion, then add and SAVE general comments, enter grade LAST

c)  update grade at any time before feedback due date via Turnitin ( if not anonymous marking) - grades changes in Turnitin  feed to grades ( not vica versa)

d) only add comments to Turntin view - NOT speedgrader / grades as such comments are not linked directly to the Turnitin feedback

NOTE once a submission has been marked - marker cannot see Tii colour in Grades view

If marking with Speedgrader and only checking originaliity - can access the OR from Speedgrader view ( but Grademark will not be available). If using a canvas rubric - add this to inital set up before create Tii external tool link

Students can see their turnitin feedback  only via Assignment (if go via home page> recent feedback or Grades_ only see grade in speedgrader - not Turnitn comments, rubric etc). Best access to inline comments etc is by clicking pen icon from Assignment view (can then switch to OR if wish to)


Where shall we start...

If you use the Turnitin LTI tool you lose the following features of Canvas:

  • Ability to give an individual an extension to the assignment
  • Ability to submit multiple files in the same submission
  • Ability to select student work for second marking and moderation (new moderation tools in canvas)

In addition to this, the Turnitin LTI tool exposes the students to Turnitin performance issues (which there are many). Turnitin was out for a whole weekend 23rd Jan 2016 - 25th Jan 2016. Which means students cannot submit when Turnitin is down.

With the API integration, Students submit to CANVAS and therefore are protected from Turnitin performance issues like this. The API simply sends their document off when Turnitin comes back online...

All of these issues have been raised with both Turnitin Integrations team and Canvas. But LTI is not the solution we are looking for here.

Highlighted​, even users of the API were/are exposed to Turnitin performance issues (of which, I agree, there are many), and in practice, the API did not function as you describe: I suffered through several critical issues when, after a period of only a few hours' Turnitin downtime, I didn't have originality reports for weeks, if indeed I ever got them at all.

I am not saying this to defend Turnitin or the Turnitin LTI--far from it--only to say that staying with the API is not an ideal solution.


I like the LTI. It is not perfect, but it is much better than the API. Having read your other posts, Joel, I know that you do not like it. That's okay. Have you considered exploring the alternatives like Certified Partner - Unplag​?


Better how?


looking at alternatives. have approached UnPlag but they only do an LTI tool as well.

It it is not turnitin that is the problem, it is the LTI that is the problem.


It supports TII features that my students and I enjoy using, including Cloud submit, PeerMark, Grademark (with no importing/ exporting of assets and with grade pass back to Canvas). The students do a much better job of critiquing with Peermark. I can also see who views their feedback and who does not. The LTI also keeps a complete and accessible archive of past submissions in TII. I can even submit for a student via the website and have it show up in the LTI in Canvas. The old API plugin didn't do any of that.

I do agree with you that the problem you note in losing Canvas functionality is either the LTI specification or the way LTI has been baked into Canvas assignments. At the same time, most of your problems will be solved by not enabling the LTI in Canvas. The LTI works well for me for how I use TII, but I agree that TII is expensive, can have show stopping bugs, and inconsistent customer service.

If I were using groups, I would stick with the Group assignment functionality in Canvas and run all submissions through Turnitin. Since Canvas allows downloading zip files of all submissions and Turnitin accepts zip files with many files, downloading all of the submissions and then submitting them to TII's quick submit feature only takes an instructor a minute or two. The bulk download and submission would also work well generally  for preserving maximum Canvas functionality and still doing plagiarism screening. Since that seems to be your goal, this might be your best option for now. Here is a video showing the process: Quick Submit - YouTube.