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Not able to take a quiz in a course because of my Admin status

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Good Morning Canvas Admins!

At my college staff and faculty are required to take some Human Resource created trainings in Canvas (Emergency Preparedness, FERPA, Harrassment, etc.). Usually in these courses there's a video to watch and a quiz to complete. In the past (3-6 months ago), I was added as a student to these courses and was able to take the quiz with no problem despite my admin account rights--I could see both the "Take Quiz" button and "Preview Button."  Today when I tried to take a quiz it only shows a preview button and no option to take the quiz.

I'm wondering a few things.

Have you ever been able to take a quiz as a student even with admin access?

Do you have two separate accounts in canvas; a student account if you take courses and an admin account to take care of business?

Thanks for your help!

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Community Team
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Community Coach
Community Coach​, this is a known issue and we just experienced at our Institution as well (for us it was Title IX training). What we did was take the quiz in "Preview mode" and then screen shot our results and send it to HR (who was in charge of the training). I then went in and manually gave all admins (who did this) a grade for the quiz so it would show up like we had taken it. I could do this because we were listed as students in the course, even though we couldn't take the quiz like a student.

Yet, I have heard of some Institutions assigning separate "student" accounts for Admins and for our purposes it didn't seem necessary.

Hope this helps!

Thanks,​! Do you know if a help ticket has already been created? If so, I'll try to get myself added so I can get updates on the issue.​, by all means, submit a help ticket of your own so that you will receive updates; that's always a good course of action. It's not necessary to reference another ticket (although if you'd like, you can include the URL to this conversation in the description field). Support will add your case to the others.

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Community Team