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Permissions to remove students from SIS-created courses?

Our courses and enrollments are created via Banner integration. We have a custom role (Help Desk) that once upon a time could remove students from course rosters. I'm trying to restore that permission, and I thought it would be easier to determine what controls it after the recent changes to permissions, but it's still thwarting me. The role has the "Users - add/remove students from courses" permission. The "additional considerations" section says that to unenroll users, "Courses - view list" and "Users - view list" must be enabled. They are. Has anyone figured this one out?

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I've been meaning to dig deeper into a similar issue we've been having with teachers not being able to remove other teachers from a course, even with "Users - add / remove teachers, course designers, or TAs in courses"  and the "additional consideration" enabled. I'm eager to see if anyone has any insight into all this.