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Principals, Counselors, & Other Admins

I am looking for tips for how to setup campus administrators so that they can view classes, individual students, create and share content, etc. For example, what is the best way for a counselor to create a "Counselor Corner" course that can be shared with all students? Our students are rostered into courses automatically, but this won't work for the counselor, principal, etc. I have created a sort of campus admin role with more rights than an observer, so I think principals can see all classes/students. Sharing with all is another story, and I'm open to suggestions.

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

For our schools, I created a python script that grabs the data from our SIS database and creates a course, section, and enrollment CSV file for each school. The students are placed in sections by grade level and the counselor is the teacher. The CSV files are uploaded through the SIS import API and we have them set to run every 6 hours to process updates of new or dropped students.

I do the same thing to create a Faculty course where the principal is the teacher and all the teachers and staff are "students" in the course. Let's the principal and other admins share things with teachers and collect lesson plans via assignments.

Then I have a third course for admins to use with students. Same setup as the counselor courses except the principal, assistant principal, and deans are the teachers. They use this course for mass communication and can target announcements to grade level sections. They also use it to give "quizzes" that are voting for homecoming or prom or whatever else to make sure everyone only gets one vote.