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Adventurer III

Problems using Google Search Console on our Canvas domain

Hi --

I'm trying to verify ownership of our Canvas domain in the Google Search Console and I'm running into trouble. I'm wondering if anyone else has been successful getting it set up.  

The Google Search Console allows you to verify ownership using one of several methods:

  • Google Analytics account: we do have Google Analytics installed as part of our theme JS, but Google isn't seeing it when I try to verify the domain in the Search Console. This could be because Instructure also has their own Google Analytics tracker installed, or because our analytics account ID is being added via a separate theme JS file rather than appearing directly in the HEAD, or something else. (Our Google Analytics dashboard does show activity, so that part seems to be working fine.) 
  • Google Tag Manager (this won't work because it requires you to add a <noscript> tag immediately after the opening <body> tag)
  • HTML file (this won't work because we can't place a file into the root of the webserver)
  • HTML meta tag (this won't work because we can't add arbitrary tags to the HEAD element in the page)
  • DNS entry (this won't work because our Canvas hostname is a CNAME, and you can't have both a CNAME and a TXT record for the same domain name)

Has anyone had success verifying their Canvas domain in the Google Search Console using any of these methods?



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