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Quiz Statistic reporting on numerical answers with error margin

Today I've noticed that when delving into Quiz Statistics, the reporting tool does not distinguish between answers within and without the error margin. Only precisely correct, non-precisely correct, and 'no answers', are reported. 

In this question instance (please see attached screenshot), the error margin was set at 3, and my investigation of answers given by individual students suggests that approximately 34% of students answered the question *within* the error margin, but that 7% gave the exact answer of 31.

Canvas quiz statistic reporting on numerical answer question showing only exact answers, without error margin.

So, as far as I'm concerned, ~34% of the students are correct, not 7%. 

This could be confusing to anyone who needs to get a precise breakdown of answers and seems that the error margin of numerical answers has not been taken into account in reporting. 

Can we have this noted for a fix?

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