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Remove "Export Course" from Settings

My institution has a need to remove the "export course" option from TA profiles. Any ideas on how to do this? I'm not seeing an obvious permission. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach, from previous experience I don't believe there is a specific setting for that. I'm pretty sure it could only be done on the back end of Canvas. I'm going to share this with the‌ to see if they can help!

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Thank you Kona. This is definitely a priority.

Adventurer II

You might try adding something like this to your custom JavaScript:

if (document.URL.endsWith('settings') && ENV.current_user_roles.indexOf('ta') > -1) {

How do I add custom Java script 😕 ?

Ah I see. And should this script do it? I'm not too familiar with coding.

I'd think twice about using custom JavaScript if you don't understand what it does. Custom JavaScript is loaded on every page that every user loads, and if there's a mistake, it can make your Canvas instance unstable or even inaccessible (which I unfortunately can attest to!). You'll want to test any custom JavaScript in your test environment first before putting it in your live environment.

I understand your concern and the options. Of course we will test in the

beta environment first. But we don't have any other option it seems.

Our material is susceptible to a quick and easy copyright infringement as

long as TAs have the option to export the course.

Is there some kind of cheat sheet I can use that will show me some of the

"lingo" for canvas in java? Are there any canvas resources?

If I have to learn java then that's just that. I've got a math degree and

some experience in Python and a serious caffeine addiction so I'm sure I

can pick it up.,

I started to respond here but it go so long that I wrote it in a blog post so other people could find it easier. It looks at the code that dgrobani‌ wrote, which doesn't actually work for us. But that highlights his point of making sure that you understand what's going on so you can update it when things change in Canvas.

The first thing to understand is that Java and JavaScript are different and while Java requires a caffeine addiction, JavaScript does not, but the math degree will probably come in handy and the fact that you can already program in Python will definitely help.  I teach math (can't program in Python, though) and it's not necessary to learn how to program in JavaScript as much as understanding what's going on behind the scenes and then taking just a few commands you find in an example somewhere and tweaking them to work for you.

Hopefully, that's what the blog post will do for you: Hiding Content from Certain Roles 

It also mentions that this is a patch, not a fix. Hiding the button will not keep them from accomplishing the task in other ways.