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SIS integration issue; some users cannot log in or change passwords


We just integrated our SIS (Populi) with Canvas and thought things were going well because no integration errors were reported and users were appropriately enrolled in our Canvas instance and courses.


However, there are a handful of users who are unable to log in to Canvas.  When they try using the "Forgot password" link, they do get a link to change the password and are able to do so.  When they return to Canvas, they receive this error notice:  "Cannot change the password for that login, or login does not exist."


We have verified that the data in Populi (username, email) is correct and that information is also correct in Canvas.

Does anyone have any idea of what might be the cause here ... and possibly a solution?  Thank you.

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We are having the same issues and this happens two weeks before the term is going to end. Two courses the instructor and students were wipped out.


David Valdez