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Skyward to Canvas Course/Teacher/Student Sync

Any admins out there using Skyward to populate their courses/teacher/student data into Canvas?  We had a Powershell script that would grab the exported files from Skyward and upload them to Canvas nightly.  This process has run for about 1 1/2 -  2 yrs now flawlessly.  All of the sudden it quit and I'm not sure why.  We have started a new school year and our teachers are asking where there classes/students are in Canvas.  I'm just starting to learn Powershell so I'm not sure what the problem is.  My Skyward does generate the data files in the wee hours of the morning successfully and yet, still no data in Canvas.  We haven't even setup the Grade Passback yet either!   Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for a Powershell newbie!  Thanks so much in advance for any assistance your can provide!  

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