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Small Voices Many Votes

Hi Fellow Canvas Admins,

As the second month of voting winds down, I'd like to ask for your help one more time.  This feature request is *so* close to the minimum vote threshold necessary to be considered, but it is still just a little short.

If you haven't already done so (and I apologize if you have), please visit 'Course Format in SIS Import' in Canvas Community and lend your support.  Then, please share this link with your colleagues and friends to encourage them to vote for it as well:

This type of small, admin-specific feature request just doesn't have the big "wow factor" that other big, flashy, requests do that often get the big vote counts from instructors and designers, so I really need your vote -- as a fellow Canvas admin -- on this feature that could provide options and flexibility for our institutions.  Please keep in mind that this request is about options and flexibility for our institutions, and not mandated change to current processes that may be working fine at your institution.

Thanks for your up-vote!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Already voted, but will pass it along!

Thank you!  The more Admins can get involved in this process, the more likely we'll finally get some attention from the developers.  We have smaller numbers and are often battling for our boring, non-flashy command line, API, and SIS Import ideas against big, noticeable, GUI things that get instructors and designers all excited.  It isn't a good voting system, but we play the cards we are dealt I suppose.  After all, we are typically the ones who pay the bill and decided which LMS to use at our institutions.  Smiley Wink

Community Member

I had already voted as well, but it looks like it's now above the threshold.  Congratulations!  At least now you should get a response from Instructure. 

Now I'm off to try to get my votes to the threshold. Smiley Happy

 @canvas_admin ​, post your link and we'll vote!  Smiley Happy  I'm all about grass-roots efforts.  It didn't work for Firefox ESR, but we got this one to the point of at least being looked at. 

Community Member

Here are a couple of mine: 

What I don't get is that according to my Jive digest, both of these have been viewed well over 100 times yet have few votes.  I guess others have other feature request prioritized over these.    I've shared both of these in the ID and Admin groups so.... 

I voted! Smiley Happy

I can get behind both of those -- especially the one that keeps me from doing something stupid like deleting the wrong person from a course!  Smiley Happy


I will vote on these.  It is difficult to get admin items voted on.

I am at the halfway point and everything has stopped.  It might just be the time of year. I am trying to get a report for the admins to list all the errors on an import.  The JSON viewer is nice but clumsy.  If you know of any admin pass along.


Community Coach
Community Coach