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Student uploads within quiz questions

I am looking for advice on how students could upload their answers within a quiz. The quizzes I have constructed contain different types of questions - some are self marking (multiple choice etc.), some are essay answers and some involve drawing, measuring and plotting.

How do your students currently upload their answers that involve drawing?

I have thought of a number of ways, from scanning the document in, to photographing using mobile devices. The problem is that not all students have the same hardware available. Also if the quiz was timed it would waste valuable time for them to scan/photograph their work, especially if they have to use multiple devices.

Are students able to turn in a paper copy to their instructor, who can then add it to the quiz once it has been submitted?

I would be interested to hear how others are getting around this, workflows etc. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @david_rivers ​, this should prove to be an interesting topic. To enhance its visibility, I've shared it with the Higher Education​, K-12​, and Instructional Designers​ groups. And, because the prompt doesn't solicit a single "correct answer," I've changed the format to a discussion.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We've had a huge need for this in our Modern and Classical Language departments and I came to a huge A-HA! work around during Q2 and our Semester 1 final exam.  It's kind of complicated to type up, but I am happy to work with you to show you how we did this. It allows us to do auto-graded quiz sections, essay submissions, video/voice uploads, and on-paper submissions and calculate the total grade.   I also submitted a proposal to present it at InstructureCon Smiley Wink  Fingers crossed!

Thanks for your reply Beth. I'd be really interested to find out more about your work around and how easy your students find using it.

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Hey  @david_rivers ​,

When you build a quiz question, you can select the quiz type to "file upload." This will prompt a small text box to write directions and a upload from the browser button (in student view). We normally write a note to the students in the question i.e. "the following question will allow you to upload your hand written graph" and the file upload question i.e. "please upload your hand written graph from the previous question." We tend to rely on this feature for our math courses- for graphs. The graph builders aren't always the best solutions. I hope this helps.



I'd love to see a gradable rubric tool integration for File Upload questions and Essay questions in Quizzes.

That would be extremely helpful while grading! Feature idea!!!

QC99.tsilvius​ and  @stephanie_pope ​, mark your calendars! This feature idea will open for voting on June 1, 2016:


I would be extremely interested in how anyone else might be getting this to work.   I've done a test this semester and have students print out certain sections of quizzes.  Then they hand write their answers, take a picture and upload their answer.   Problem I'm having is that students who use tablets or phones have trouble uploading the picture to canvas.   From a computer it's easy, but from a phone, there isn't always access to a file structure so they don't seem to know how to do it.   Neither do I.

Now I'm having to accept paper turned in during class, which defeats the purpose and actually makes grading more complicated.  This could be a big time saver if I could figure out how to make it work for all students.