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Sync all courses to SIS

Does anyone know if there a way to sync all your courses to your SIS with the push of one button, vs relying on teachers or going in and touching every single class? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I have been having a little bit of a look around at the available information on the community and the Canvas Guides. I am wondering are you referring to the grade pass-back for individual assignments as described in 

If that is not the case, what elements of the courses are you syncing back to the SIS, and could you possibly describe the current mechanism your teachers use to touch this in the course one by one.

Hoping we can figure out how to do this for you (and if it is not currently available, get enough detail for a good feature idea).



It's more a question of if there is a way to completely automate the grade pass back process. Our Skyward system sends info to Canvas at 11 pm every night, is there a way to make the same thing happen from Canvas to Skyward with our grades. Our teachers are unreliable with pushing the "Sync to Skyward" button and there isn't a way for us admins to pass the grades back without touching every class, which really is just a large time sink for us. Does that make sense?


That does make sense, thank you for clarifying.

To do this (within the current functionality in Canvas) I believe you would need to use the Canvas APIs to develop an integration (outside of the existing Sync function) to automate the process. There is a beta API available SIS Integration - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation  which I think would be related (and useful) in this case. On that note, I have also shared this with the community to see if they may have any additional insights, also someone who has done more integration with the grades system may be able to assist further.

However, as another possibility, I could certainly see where a new API call to 'Forcibly sync grades marked for syncing' could be quite beneficial. If that is something that may help, I would recommend logging a new Feature Idea to the community with the details of what you are trying to achieve, and the need to automate the Sync more easily. 

I think the API would be the most beneficial way to do this, however if you are wanting something more front end, a Feature Idea for that could be beneficial as well.

I could happily help you flesh the idea out further if you would like? Hopefully in the mean time, we may be able to get some additional insights from the Canvas Developers group.



Help would be excellent!

Awesome, so the first point would be, are you wanting something to do this in the front end, i.e. something that an administrator has to forcibly click on, or are you wanting something that could be scripted and scheduled (more with the API).

In my mind I have quite a few thoughts on different ways this could occur. However, don't want to lead you on too much and would be curious to hear your thoughts about how this would work.

So, how do you envisage this working as your absolute best case scenario (thinking long term, rather than just the short term that would solve the current need)?


Thought I would check in and see how you are going. Would love to hear your thoughts on how you would like this to work (from an end-to-end perspective).

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Sorry Stuart, It's been crazy around my office lately with it being the end of the term and us onboarding the rest of the district. Ultimately what I would like is for it to automatically passbook all grades every evening, without me having to do anything. I know that an API can be created to do this, and we are looking into options here, but none of us are programmers.

However, lack of administrative controls is one of my biggest frustrations with Canvas. When I posted this, what I was thinking was pretty much a button in the Admin panel that says something along the lines of "Sync all gradebooks to SIS" and the admin can press this button and sync all the grade books will pass back to the SIS at one time, without having to touch every class. There in lies my biggest problem with the way it is now, having to go into 200+ classes and touching every single grade book, because I have no reporting on which teachers have actually passed back and which didn't. 

Sorry if I went on a tangent there.  


No worries at all, I know how things can get crazy busy (especially at this point in the year, where it is the time you can get all the things done)!

Great, that makes sense, so the API is there, however you would more be looking for a front end option.

Having looked at what you have said, I would recommend a new feature idea on the forums (now that we have all the information).

Something along the lines of:

Idea Name: 'Front-end option to force sync all grades'

Idea Description: 

  • You could copy all of what you said above as a great starting point
  • A few things I would consider including are:
    • Where would be logical for you to go to achieve this (i.e. where would you go looking in the administration panel to find this)?
    • For your particular requirements do you always want to force this, or would you like the ability to set up a schedule?
    • Would you want to restrict this to certain terms (i.e. active terms) that may have impacts to where you would think it is logical to go, or would you anticipate this would be for all 'active' courses regardless of terms. It is good to think of the outliers here, when moving from a manual solution to something automatic, how would you handle subjects that are active, which might be test subjects and things, or don't need any grade passback, and ensuring that these are excluded in a structured and logical way (possibly by terms, hence why I suggested this).

Also, I noted another possible feature idea in your last response you may want to consider adding to the community:

Idea Name: 'Account Report showing last date and time of grade-sync'

Idea Description:

  • What would you ideally want to see on this report? What would make logical
  • Would you want to filter it in any way (eg, by term)

Hope those help, when you have logged the feature ideas, please feel free to post the links back here, it is always good to keep things cross-linked for easier finding, plus I would love to vote on them for you!



Community Coach
Community Coach,

We are giving the Canvas Admins area a little bit of love and just want to check in with you.  This will also bring this question new attention. 


Were you able to find an answer to your question? I am going to go ahead and mark this question as answered because there hasn't been any more activity in a while so I assume that you have the information that you need. If you still have a question about this or if you have information that you would like to share with the community, by all means, please do come back and leave a comment.  Also, if this question has been answered by one of the previous replies, please feel free to mark that answer as correct.