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The RCE needed for all types of questions in Quizzes (classic and new one)

I'm sure is not the first time that somebody will bring this topic to the table. I already did for last two years, but now with the new eLearning long distance experience, we as Math teachers need Canvas developers to work on RCE for all type of questions.

When I try to type the answers for the following type of questions:

  1. Fill in the Blank
  2. Fill in Multiple Blanks
  3. Multiple Dropdowns
  4. Matching (both sides of the answers to match)

the Toggle editing answer text as HTML pen, doesn't show up and it is not allowing us to enter any type of math symbols. WE NEED THIS GUYS VERY BAD.

Every other math apps. have it, (Khan Academy, Algebra Nation, even the one our students use to cheat has it (Mathway).

I don't understand yet why this feature exists on Multiple Choice, Numerical Answers, Formula Questions options. I can't believe that you can't add something that you already have to those four missing ones.

I hope to have an answer from somebody in Canvas, any developer that can take this and finally fix it.

Just a hope.

Thank you.

Fernando Vega-Cid

Math Teacher - Western High School, Davie, FL. USA

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