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Community Team
Community Team

Top Two Most Important Feature Ideas/Bugs/Issues for Canvas Admins

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Community Team
Community Team

As of this morning the results of this straw poll match up with the priorities identified in feature voting.  Thank you all for helping me confirm this.  This information will be useful in an upcoming planning meeting.

Screenshot 2015-10-16 07.29.59.png

Like Catherine, I too would choose 8 & 10.

I arrived late but was happy to see what was on the top 3 of the list.

Thanks for reminding me about these. Gave 'em all my vote.

Learner II

Number 8

Community Member

For admins, our top two would be 2 (Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students) and 3 (Advanced Admin Search & Sort). However, if I'm an admin speaking on behalf of Midland's professors, 7 (Create Question Banks from MSWord) has the highest priority of any features other than Attendance Over Haul.

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#2 is really important for last day of attendance reporting (financial aid), student performance petitions, etc. without access to the withdrawn student's activity due to enrollment deletion, students could contest that they were dropped without cause...we currently use Canvas for only a subset of courses- our other LMS has this feature and it is essential to supporting student-related enrollment, A&R, financial aid issues.