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UK and European Schools using Canvas

Calling all UK and European K12 Schools using Canvas!

Canvas UK is talking about arranging a user group meeting for UK and other European Schools using Canvas. A Forum where we can meet, discuss specific requirements to schools based in the UK and in Europe, and share best practices.  this includes discussing some of the things we need in place to help with the growing list of legislation which may or may not affect how we use the platform.

The first gathering to potentially be in the Summer of 2018 Term, different Schools could take turn hosting these user group meetings.

Please reply to this thread to indicate if this is something you'd be interested in attending, and contributing to.

And Also please post some suggested topics / ideas for the first User Group Meeting.

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ks1-5 heads up!  UK and European Schools User Group Meeting on 1st of March 2019 at the Canvas office in London with our new European Product Manager joining us.

Vicky Fox is arranging the event and the initial agenda idea is to have 2/3 speakers from our community to talk about recent experiences / innovations involving Canvas (this can include how you've integrated with a very useful LTI), followed by break out /round table sessions. 

Please reply to this post if

- you can make it (and the school(s) your represent)

- you are willing to be one of the presentors (doesn't have to be a long session 

- you have a suggested topic for a breakout session you would find useful or just to second someone else's suggestion.

Looking forward to your replies.



Yes, I can make this event

Yes, I am happy to be a presenter

Some breakout sessions could be:

  • H5P
  • Outcomes and
  • Mastery Paths
  • Creating engaging/interactive pages

Thanks  How about one break out session on ''Quizzing In Canvas" and roll Quizzes/ and Outcomes into this session.

I think it will be good to talk about the options, differences, cost implications, backward compatibility etc ... what's next in a round table.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Can do, I like the idea of Quizzing.

Would be a fairly meaty session and perhaps not much time for play - perhaps more show and tell? I guess it depends on what people would feel is most effective. 


I'd quite like a roundtable discussion about  ''Safeguarding and Canvas".

1) What can Canvas currently do to help us in this space (e.g. it would be great if someone from Instructure could demo how to use Canvas Data Analytics to do extract and query logs).

2) brainstorm what else could be done to make investigations more user friendly and speedier.


Hi Floriane 

Apologies for the delay in responding. 

I am available on 1 March and would be happy to contribute to the safeguarding discussion. I am an assessor for the 360 Degree Online Safety Award, and also work with an institution that has very strict policies around online behaviour. 

I'd be very interested to learn more about the integration with Office 365 as this is an area I will be doing some work on in the coming year.

I'd also welcome the opportunity to feedback to to Instructure some of the issues that K12 institutions have with Canvas, and try and get them to understand that some of these are really serious. 

Is this date confirmed? If so I would like to book accommodation etc.

Have a good Christmas everyone!  



ks1-5. Thanks an office 365 session sounds like it could be useful. We just need to find someone who has implemented successfully in Canvas for UK/European Schools.

I tried to use it but hit the limitation that all the email addresses have to be for the same Office365 domain, which is a problem if you have users from different schools (each with different email address suffixes). 

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We have Office365 integration so happy to share this although I am not sure you are going to get past the tenancy issues!

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Happy New Year all!

We have had some real struggles with Canvas in the past few months. We have integrated with O365, but have had issues which has meant we have backed away from it a little this year. My SLT are considering whether we may move away from Canvas to using Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams.

Andy - I would be very interested to know more about the 360 Degree Online safety award. We are looking into out E safety policy this year.

Looking forward to the 1st March.



Saddened to hear about your struggles with Canvas. Anything you would like to share?