Using New Quizzes for automated formative assessment

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I'm really pleased with the functionality of newquizzes for  automated formative assessments.  Here's how I have done it and how it's making life easier for our tutors.

First of all the sheer number of options that come with New Quizzes is amazing! 

Screengrab of New Quiz options

The way I have been building my automated formative assessment with it is:

  1. use the stimulus to provide content, usually a video or a link to an external site - occasionally both. 
    1. Screengrab of a quiz in canvas
  2. attach the questions relevant to that content to the side, trying to make use of as many different question types as possible to ensure it retains student's interest.
  3. For each question use the student feedback option to provide further information
  4. Specifically on the wrong answers you can direct them to further material to aid their understanding or tell them what part of the stimulus to pay further attention to.
    1. Screengrab of canvas student feedback options
  5. Ensure that you have set up the feedback options so they can see the points they have scored, whether their answers are correct or incorrect and that they can see item feedback.

Screengrab of canvas quiz optionsI've found that this approach has led to far more student engagement with their formative assessments, they particularly enjoy the fact they can do the work at their own pace, leaving the quizzes and returning to them at will.

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