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Visualize results on the New Analytics

At present in our institute we are implementing a Qualified Survey (with 0 points) as a report, to get the students' perception about their experience on the course. We need to be able to visualize these results on the New Analytics section, but this is not happening - It’s not possible to grade the student’s answer in these questionnaires  because they are a subjective valoration about the quality of the course -.
So, what we need to visualize in New Analytics section is:
The average valuation percentage obtained from the answered Surveys.
The percentage about the delivered calificate assignments.
The percentage about the students class attendance (Roll Call Attendance).

Can anybody guide or help me?

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Explorer III

Hi Marcos,

If the survey uses the Canvas Quizzes tool, the Quiz Statistics page should provide summaries of the student responses. Once I publish a quiz, what kinds of quiz statistics are available? 

- ST