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What does “Total Activity” mean?

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How is the “Total Activity” time that’s shown on the people page in Canvas calculated.  Is it based on total interaction time on pages?  How does “hang time” between interactions get taken into account?  If at all.

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This times one million!

But a good student who takes less time to do well should not be penalized because they didn't spend more time in Canvas.

Did you mean students here or faculty? I only ask because at least for us students can't see total time spent in course - at least not from the People page.

...if you tell students to ignore this, it might be better if the statistic wasn't shown so you don't have to waste your time explaining that it is "junk."

And the evil part was a joke. I'm married to a full time faculty member and he always says he's married to the enemy... an evil administrator. 😉

Good questions, and points, Kona.

If an instructor is somehow going to award points for "time", why should they be thinking of penalizing students who do well in a course but spend less time in it?  If this (meaning "time") is part of the course grading metics, it might be unfair that students do not know how much time they have spent.  So maybe students should be able to see their time.  Why not?

Okay, from what I can see, you are not an evil administrator.  Smiley Happy

I know how this goes.  If someone said to me "If you cannot tell me how much time a student works in your course, you are fired!" then I would love this "activity time" statistic.  And I would love that I could shift the "blame" for this poorly created statistic to Canvas and away from me.  But I would still see it as unethical to be faking data, even though it appeases my administrators.

We use that here as well.   I wonder who that man is that keeps coming up with these gems?  @James ‌

Kona, don't let it leak out that we are not all EVIL.  We need to maintain our rep.

Sorry  @dwillmore ‌, I don't think I can help on this one. I'm still trying to figure out who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp and made my baby fall in love with me.

LOL, if you figure this out give me the secret as I am still trying to figure out why my better half sticks around.

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Community Coach

As James' other half I'd say it's his brains... and that we make pretty babies. 🙂


Man those are cute kids, but I think it is the pure happiness on their faces that is an even greater accomplishment.

Ok, now it is an official facebook thread.....sorry.

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Community Coach

LOL... I think we can be forgiven this time! It's the sense of community (and friendship) that makes the Community such an amazing place!