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What does “Total Activity” mean?

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How is the “Total Activity” time that’s shown on the people page in Canvas calculated.  Is it based on total interaction time on pages?  How does “hang time” between interactions get taken into account?  If at all.

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^^^ This ^^^

Hi Kona,

Thanks for your post. I've been researching how to track daily student activity (measured by time) for a program that needs to report this in order to receive funding. While I agree with all the reasons stated why time-tracking not the right metric, we need to find a solution. Do you know of any use cases that have found a workaround or that have successfully convinced the powers that be to change that metric?

I know about the Access Report canvancement, but am wondering if there is anything else out there for fulfilling funding requirements that track "positive attendance" with daily time in / time out logs for noncredit courses in particular. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Surveyor II

Trying to figure out if Canvas records last activity every time a computer is woken up from sleep mode. Student says he was not on Canvas and yet it shows "last activity" during an exam.

how do I see what pages were accessed?