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What issues have you had with integrating Canvas with TurnItIn

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We will be integrating Canvas with TurnItIn this summer. What issues may crop up during this process? How helpful is TurnItIn support?

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Hi,  @striglej . Instructors can import and export Quickmarks and rubrics for backup, sharing, or moving from one Turnitin integration to another. Please see the attached images for a quick tutorial.

i Hope that helps!

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We had nothing but trouble with our TII integration, and TII support wasn't particularly helpful during it.  It was a long and painful process, since there was a pent-up demand for using the product and we had to integrate it right at the beginning of the semester. The biggest issue seemed to be that the vendor who was "helping" would blame the vendor who was not involved in the conversation, so it was hard to ferret out what the real problem was.  TII would tell us to set up a TII assignment one way, and Canvas would tell us to set it up another way, so as new users of both products, we were totally confused.  I will say, however, that once the integration finally stabilized at the end of the fall semester, it became extremely popular and is now being used with ease, so I guess it was worth the initial hassle.  I suspect things are easier now that the integration has been going on for a year--we were integrating during the early stages.  Good luck!


We are experiencing several weird issues.  If a student changes their default email address in Canvas, the student's previous TurnItIn account is deleted in TurnItIn and the student can no longer submit papers for originaility scan.  The message seen in Canvas is

"Updating user information failed because user email was changed to an address that is already associated with an account. UID: 92979_user_43652 - Old Email: - New Email:"

We have Canvas set so that students cannot delete their District email address but there is the ability to change the default.  Canvas sent me to TurnItIn and TurnItIn sends me to Canvas so we are stuck in a no support cycle. 

The second issue is that a student has a TurnItIn account and is submitting jsut fine and then for one Assignment it will be stuck in Canvas on "TurnItIn is still processing the file".  Canvas can see the file in Canvas but TurnItIn has not received it. 

Any help???? 

S9300807​ we've had hte same issue with email address here and the issue with students not being able to submit.

We've notivced it only started happening about 2 months ago

TurnItIn said today that the email change should not impact the student account.  Leads me to believe that something was changed in the API. 

A change in Turnitin's end seems likely. Last I checked, they released an update around the start of June that introduced some changes. When dealing with Turnitin support, I find that a Screencast gets a much quicker and better response than verbal descriptions, so it might be worth a try to do a screencast to show their support that the email change does impact something.

In the meantime, perhaps the student can see the value in restoring his institutional email in Canvas?

I hope that helps, Susan!

we have the same issue with default emial setting - have had to try an impress on students NOT to change their default email setting. We have also taken additional measures for users with corporate email logins - we have set these to still be accepted for log in purposes and set up auto redirects from their student email accounts

to their corporate emails. Thye can still add other emials if wish to - so long as NOT set as default