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help with quiz and input/output table formulation

New Quiz > formulas or input/output tables >

How do I use the formula tab to write a question where students get a IPv4 decimal notation number and convert it to binary notation? They should be able to convert to IPv4 binary address to decimal notation. Next would be the same for hexadecimal notation to binary & to decimal notation. 

I also need to be able to test subnetting which means dividing ranges of addresses by bits 

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So for IPv4 to BInary, I chose the Fill in the Blank option as it shows the answer in a box.

I separated the answers with a dot:


I then choose the answer model - Open Entry - Exact Match:


So hopefully the student would have to replicate the complete 8 bit string.

I made the quiz out of 4 for each part

I then previewed the quiz question which looked OK (perhaps I could have a better question explanation but I am not a computing teacher):


Unfortunately there is no formatting Rich Content Editor with this quiz type although it is DESPERATELY NEEDED Canvas and you cannot alter the size of the answer boxes (perhaps with some coding tweaks?)

When I tried out the quiz, I had to put in the complete 8 bits to score the right answer - as seen below!


I guess hexadecimal to binary works similarly eg


And how it looks in Preview mode:


Am afraid I will need to pass on subnetting.. but hope this helps?