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new Zoom LTI?

hi everyone!

We were just made aware that the Canvas Zoom App is being deprecated (Nov 2018) and there is a new Enhanced LTI they want us to use.

Configuring LTI with Canvas – Zoom Help Center 

Has anyone installed and use this new Zoom LTI? It looks to NOT use a Dev Key and only use LTI (no API calls??)

If you are using it - what functionality does it have right now beyond putting a link/button to Zoom (website proper) which just embeds Zoom into the Canvas frame?

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Right - that is their current help/support file --- the app that connects with the Calendar and announcements is the 'Basic LTI' (Canvas App for Zoom - built by Zoom) which will be gone November 2018. The new one is the Enhanced LTI which is not yet fully featured and does not have calendar features and is wonky in some other ways, and, they say it will be more robust for October.

To put context to my comments - I am the Canvas Operations Lead (uber admin) for my institution and the one setting up Zoom with the rest of our team.

Yes - good to put it on your uber Canvas admin's radar --- as --- in our explorations we found out that some folks found out by chance that things were changing and were not notified by Zoom, or, the word didn't make it to the right people.

I'm not sure Zoom's plan for yanking the other LTI completely, as, existing meeting links might break (unless they fix that by then)


Yes, a little heads-up from Zoom would have been nice.


I've pinged my CSM to spread the words amongst the CSM team...I'd hate for anyone to get surprised a bit later this fall.

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I notified the CCSNH Chancellor’s office IT too

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After installing the new LTI, have your instructors reported any missing calendar events?


hi Clint --- the new Zoom LTI doesn't have the calendar features yet (like the old app). A colleague at another institution who had the old app and now the new LTI, commented that all existing Zoom things break. I'd guess that includes calendar events created by that Zoom app (?)


I just got out of a meeting with them - ask your rep, there is a method for specifying for which email is chosen by the Zoom integration, but we cut the conversation short because we keep everything eppn in our instance so user's email addresses remain stable.


As an update --- we are told that with their new build coming out on December 15th, that institutions will be able to specify custom variables through which to send the email. YAY!

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Important update - 

Zoom has released a Pro update that seems to supersede the "Enhanced LTI" 

I'd advise asking your Zoom rep about it, but here are the links:

Add the Zoom Pro LTI to your instance via the Zoom marketplace: App Marketplace 

Getting Started:  Getting started with LTI Pro 

Canvas install: LTI Pro for Canvas -

The most recent update added: 

  • Auto provision a Zoom user without requiring a confirmation email
    • This will require a trusted domain be setup for the account by support
  • Canvas calendar and conversations
    • Post links to Zoom meetings to Canvas calendar
    • Edit and Delete Meetings from Canvas calendar
  • Custom LTI attribute to set LTI user’s email address can now be configured
  • LTI launch error message and link can be now customized
  • Linking previous meetings for students to Zoom cloud recording can now be enabled or disabled
  • Auto provisioning a Zoom user new supports Corp and Pro licenses
Highlighted Are you replacing your LTI with the new LTI Pro? We asked our rep today, and got some confusing info about whether we need to delete the old LTI and then configure the new one, and what that would do to existing scheduled meetings and recordings.