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new Zoom LTI?

hi everyone!

We were just made aware that the Canvas Zoom App is being deprecated (Nov 2018) and there is a new Enhanced LTI they want us to use.

Configuring LTI with Canvas – Zoom Help Center 

Has anyone installed and use this new Zoom LTI? It looks to NOT use a Dev Key and only use LTI (no API calls??)

If you are using it - what functionality does it have right now beyond putting a link/button to Zoom (website proper) which just embeds Zoom into the Canvas frame?

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I wasn't told that, but instead got a run-around and incomplete answers about the guides, that, they had everything they needed, etc.

It does seem the CSMs are out of the loop on many things. I think, honestly, that we've been spoiled by our awesome Instructure CSM who is always on the ball, finds us answers, connects us to the right people. My expectations are high!

We're still waiting on them to figure out why no one but the single Owner (you can have only 1 Owner uber admin) can see the Marketplace set up and configurations. So, we're not even set up yet and trying it out.

I'll report back here the answers we get in our Take 2 Repeat LTI questionnaire, it might help some folks here out. These might look familiar and are versions of Jesse's suggested questions. Here are our LTI questions:

  1. Please list all of the API endpoints used in the LTI Pro/Canvas integration as well as their intended purpose. This should include all endpoints where data will be read/written. As an example of well-documented API endpoint transparency, please see this vendor’s documentation:  We are looking to scope developer keys so we need this information.


  1. Please send your policy and process to comply with FERPA and protecting student data.


  1. Please send information on Zoom’s security policy surrounding how you store API tokens and developer keys, as well as where that information is revealed to end-users (Zoom admins or anyone wishing to install Zoom in their Canvas course) and to whom it is available within Zoom developers/tech support.

Eventually they admitted it was a mess right now.  They were selling the new Pro features to some of our instructors in December, and the instructors were hot to have it implemented. After going through the process of implementing this, Zoom didn't think things out well, and it was clear they were scrambling.  They eventually confirmed that the Enhanced LTI and Pro LTI had about the same functionality right now, not what they promised, but those features were to follow. Hope they learn from this, it's a pretty good product. One thing different in our case is they suggested our college's Zoom admin make me an admin on that system. I said I didn't need that, I just need the key and secret. I may have run into the same situation as Adrienne had I been made a second Zoom admin.

In our case, we want the Calendar/Scheduler features so need to go the Developer Key route. As such, it's our policy we don't send those by email, put them out there, give them to anyone that doesn't need that level of knowledge. So - I need to be the one to install/place into the Zoom Marketplace, etc. We're also working out the custom email variable since our default email field in Canvas isn't what Zoom is using as the email. So, I need to play with those options as well until we get it right.

But - until we suss out all the security (how the Dev Key is stored, is it obscured once entered into the Zoom Marketplace, etc.) we aren't installing anything.

That's confusing - we were told that the latest version of Pro LTI does not require a developer key anymore. From what I been able to piece together, Zoom has had 3 versions of the Pro LTI so far, with the latest version not requiring the use of a developer key. We aren't using a developer key. 

The first release did not, and, calendar/conversations were not included. In the December (2nd release) Calendar was added, which requires a dev key install to work (so they say).

It's in this help guide, and, I saw the settings screens from the Owner/admin view when we were first figuring out what we needed.

LTI Pro for Canvas - 

It looks like the documentation has been edited/fixed now: Getting Started with LTI Pro - Welcome - LTI Pro 

hey Peter (and everyone else!) --- We're having an issue that Zoom is baffled by and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing which admin permissions you have in Zoom that allow you to see the Manage panel for LTI Pro in the Zoom Marketplace? Where you can see the key/secret/dev key tab, etc.?

So far - only the uber Owner (Zoom language, the ONE individual who owns the service) can see the Manage tab w/ all the right info/forms.

Thanks in advance!

I see what you mean - try logging in to zoom as an admin (not owner), and then going to the  LTI Pro By Zoom page and clicking the "sign in" link on the upper-right.  When I did that & was signed in as me (admin not owner) I was able to access the Manage tab and change the configurations (note that the config page has two tabs - you need to go to the "3rd Party configurations" tab to change the canvas calendar & conversations features). 

Hopefully people just thought this was interesting info and didn't act on it - apparently I setup our LTI Pro configuration as myself instead of as the account owner, and today that config seems to have been overwritten/superseded by an otherwise default config owned by the account owner. 

I'm working with Zoom right now to see if we can copy the old key/secret pair to the new config, otherwise I'm going to have to re-configure the app in all of our pilot courses. 

Here's the explanation I got from Zoom:

Apps (like LTI Pro)  in the Zoom Marketplace don't support multiple Admins yet.

This is a current limitation of the Zoom Marketplace.

Multi Admin support for Apps like LTI Pro is being worked on and should be available in April/May timeframe.

The work around now is to manage LTI Pro with a single Admin email.

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Anyone notice calendar events have stopped being created through the LTI Pro integration? ... they were working last week...