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new Zoom LTI?

hi everyone!

We were just made aware that the Canvas Zoom App is being deprecated (Nov 2018) and there is a new Enhanced LTI they want us to use.

Configuring LTI with Canvas – Zoom Help Center 

Has anyone installed and use this new Zoom LTI? It looks to NOT use a Dev Key and only use LTI (no API calls??)

If you are using it - what functionality does it have right now beyond putting a link/button to Zoom (website proper) which just embeds Zoom into the Canvas frame?

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That's interesting. The last time I checked (probably before the holidays), I wasn't able to get the calendar events to work with the Pro LTI so this is kind of good news/bad news. 

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Hmmmm - and you have the Developer install under the 3rd party tab in the Zoom Marketplace admin panel for the LTI Pro? Did your Dev key change?

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Nothing's changed.  Unless development keys change on their own.... do they?

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Hmmm...they shouldn't. Unless a super admin deleted it or disabled it?

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So far, changing the site domain name to the instance list in the 3rd party credentials prompt at the marketplace from the default to our custom URL seems to have triggered calendar entries and inbox notifications to start working again.  Why it worked in the first place with the other, I don't know... neither does zoom, it seems...


Good to know! I'm about to dig into getting it set up in a test course while we make our decision on implementing on a sub-account level.


I am not a Canvas admin but an instructor teaching "Web Development" courses in Canvas. 

I want to hold online office hours and have evaluated what seem the two best options;

* Built-in "Canvas Conferencing" (based on the BigBlueButton software)

* Zoom

I found that the HTML5 client for "Canvas Conferencing" still isn't ready. Only the legacy Flash client has all features. I don't want to use anything that requires all students to have Flash on their that we're in 2019 (:

The potential downside of Zoom involves every student needing to establish a Zoom account (and free Zoom accounts have a 40 minute time limit), but Zoom's always worked great for me.

I just read thru the posts on this thread. Sounds like the Zoom LTI has gone thru a lot of change this past year. 

I just searched for Zoom Apps in my Canvas container. Only thing that came up is a Zoom LTI by CirQLive. I was going to push the install button but thought I'd ask if anyone on this thread has experience with it. Looks like the only Zoom LTI that's been made available by our Canvas admins.


The limitation of 40 minutes does not apply if the presenter has a Pro

account. We use Zoom through the LTI integration very successfullly for

discussion sections and office hours, as well as occasional lecture


On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 10:23 AM <


The potential downside of Zoom involves every student needing to establish a Zoom account (and free Zoom accounts have a 40 minute time limit), but Zoom's always worked great for me.”

Participants don’t need a zoom account as far as I know, only the host. So you should be able to put the link to your personal meeting room somewhere in the course set to open in a new tab — I think that will “just work” when students click it


Zoom has some documentation about migrating from the old LTI to LTI Pro: Migrate to LTI Pro - Admin - LTI Pro. It looks like you can submit a support ticket and get help with Zoom with the migration.