How do I create a KB entry in the Field Admin Console?

As a field admin, you can add a new entry to a customer knowledge base (KB). Customer KBs allow institutions to share institution-specific information with agents that accept support cases from their users.

Note: Field Admin Console features may vary based on account and user settings. Based on the permissions for your role, you may not be able to view or use the features described in this lesson.

Open Customer KB

Click the Customer KB tab.

Open Account KB

Click the name of the account you want to view.

Create New Entry

To create a new entry, click the New button.

Enter Entry Details

Enter Entry Details

Search for Customer KBs in the Customer KB field [1].

Enter a name for the entry in KB Entry Name field [2].

To select which roles are involved with the entry, click the Roles drop-down menu [3]. Roles can be set to students, faculty, all, or none.


Enter Canvas Support Details

Enter Canvas Support Details

To share additional details for the entry, enter the details in the Details for Canvas Support field [1].

To add key words to an entry, enter the terms in the Key Words field [2].

To share additional details for end users, enter the details in the Details for your users field [3].


Save Entry

Save Entry

To save the KB entry, click the Save button [1]. To save the KB entry and create a new entry, click the Save & New button [2].

To delete the new entry, click the Cancel button [3].