How to Use Trusts in Canvas


  1. Before enabling a trust between accounts, it is important to first understand how trusts work. Read this guide for more information.
  2. Verify if a trust has been stablished in your account:

Log in to Canvas and enter in your browser's address bar. If you see something like the text below, it means the institution is trusting another school:

"id": 2,
"managing_account_id": 21980000000000000,
"managed_account_id": 1

If you see a blank page, it means the institution is not trusting anyone. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to start conversations around trust relationships.

Note: Sharing data between schools is completely up to the schools that are entering into the trust relationship. Instructure does not share user data between schools outside of Canvas.


How to Add Users to Courses

1. Manually via User Interface

If you're adding someone manually to a course by their user_id, login_id, or email, a new column displays on the confirmation window that now includes Institution. This displays where the user’s profile exists that will be added to the course.

2. SIS Import with CSVs

a. Using the enrollment.csv file a column called root_account is required for those who exist in another institution. The user_id would be used and the Canvas URL (e.g., would be added to the CSV file to upload in the SIS Import page of Canvas.­

b. The key takeaway on who is performing the import is where the course exists. For example, School 1 has a course and they need to enroll users from School 2. The admin from School 1 (where the course exists) would generate an enrollment.csv file with the user_id of the student from School 2. Within the root_account column of the CSV, the admin would enter School 2’s Canvas URL ( Make sure the https:// is omitted from the CSV, otherwise the file won’t process correctly)

After completing the rest of the enrollment.csv file, the School 1 Admin would then import that file on page (or they can upload it via SIS Imports API).


Can enrollments be tested in Canvas test/beta environments?

Yes, testing can be done as long as there is a trust established. Be sure to update the root_account column in the enrollment.csv to the proper URL (, or of the environment you are testing in

How do I share my school data with the trusted school?

How data is shared between schools in a trust relationship is entirely between the schools.

What do Trusts actually do?

Please read this guide for more information.

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