Derivita’s Responsibility to the Canvas Community during COVID-19

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During COVID-19, all online educational platforms have a responsibility to our teachers and students. I co-founded Instructure in 2008, and I recently co-founded the Derivita online math system with Ryan Brown. As you can imagine, the education community is incredibly close to my heart.

Many of you have already felt COVID-19’s impact on your classrooms. If you’re already using Canvas, the change from teaching in a classroom to fully online will be a bit easier.  But teaching math remotely without an online math system can still be incredibly tricky.

To aid you in this transition, we are offering the Derivita math homework system for free, Spring and Summer semesters. We will also install it on your Canvas course in under 24 hours, so the disruption you are already feeling will be minimal.

See my post introducing Derivita New Math Engine for Canvas 

Email us at, and we will do everything we can to provide you with guidance. 

You can also find us at, where you will learn how students around the world use our online system to learn math from their own homes. An online classroom does not need to be a lost learning moment for your math students.

We are privileged to serve the wonderful education community. We care about you, and we’re here to help.


Devlin Daley, CEO at Derivita, Co-founder of Instructure