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How Are You Being the Hero?

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The Services Department released Be the Hero: Canvas Admin Quick Start Guide in October 2018 as a free resource for new Canvas admins. The blog post announcing Be the Hero is here. You can find the course in the Canvas Commons.


We'd love to hear how you're using it!


We will update this blog as the resource grows and changes. We invite you to share, ask questions, and tell us how you're "Being the Hero"


Please comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Community Member

I am totally new to Canvas and I wish to express my opinions as feedback so far, with reference to this course, and Canvas in general:

1) I cannot abide having to use scroll bars over and over again.

2) I strongly dislike having to navigate my way through fiddly chunks of information, which could all be presented as one single (printable) document.

3) The course was so full of technical jargon, I didn't understand it.

4) The test did not allow me to retake it (which would have been my best way to learn under these limiting conditions).

5) The last question on the test was onerous, having to match loads of lengthy descriptions to their terms. 

6) I can't learn by video talk, as I'm not an auditory learner.

7) Music in videos distracts me.

😎 Such courses are not engaging to me, nor inspiring.

9) I did the course and sat the tests, but have learned nothing. Dry content, heavy in tech vocabulary and long sentences. Boring and time wasting. 

10) Although Canvas is great in all its functionality, it would be nice if someone with training in educational psychology could devise a way to make learning truly interactive. For example, rearrange the words, connect the jigsaw facts, colour the hierarchy. Or even better, create a list of structured tasks that challenge the user to incrementally engage with Canvas itself. Its through hands-on doing and problem solving that I understand, not by navigating computer screens. I would rather read a book, at least I could fold down corners of pertinent pages. It would also be quicker to refer to it.

These are my opinions, with no intent to offend.  

Community Participant

I went through this course on, but it still does not show as complete. The other 3 courses I went through all show as complete. Perhaps it was because I used my secret identity instead of my superhero name to enroll in the course? 😄