Monitoring Usage & Impact with these GREAT Data Tools

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Thoughts from 2020

I have been lurking long enough in the Community. I feel like it is about time that I contribute.

I am building a virtual Canvas Boot Camp for our district teachers. Each day focuses on a particular skill level: Basic Training, Officer Training, and Field Training.

I have started creating infographics for participants to identify some really cool features of Canvas--to provide multiple means & variety of presenting content. There are many Data tools available in Canvas, so I wanted to create a visual that would clearly delineate each tool (along with Guides supporting that tool). This visual would serve as an overview, and then the rest of the Boot Camp Lesson on Data & Analytics would spend time unpacking each and exploring best practices for leveraging the tool for student learning.

Here is my latest infographic. I have more and will share them soon.

I hope you find it helpful.

Monitoring Usage & Impact with Canvas Data & Analytics Tools

Additional Thoughts . . .from 2022

I just love how the suite of Instructure products just keeps growing and getting better. I have to admit that as a Canvas Admin for my former school district (when the thoughts and visuals above were first composed), we only capitalized on Canvas as a product to leverage student learning.

But, now that I am working for Instructure on our incredible Design Services Team, I am learning more and more about the other great products Instructure offers:
  1. Impact
  2. Elevate
  3. Mastery
Now that my product knowledge is growing, it got me thinking (with the promptings and support of Steele Friese, a Market Manager for Instructure), that in addition to the above native tools in Canvas to measure usage and other data points to impact student performance, that I would add some brief thoughts (now in 2022) how Impact can be a game-changing solution to help drive better adoption and support using even deeper data insights from Canvas.

Who is using what feature in Canvas and to what extent? Impact is that solution, for it monitors all native tools in Canvas, in addition to LTIs provided there is an integration in place. This great tool Build training and support through campaigns directly in Impact and push out to the respective stakeholders who are underutilizing those features.

Benefits of Investing in Impact

  1. Gain insight into technology tools usage.
  2. Increase the quality of courses by creating consistency across your institution.
  3. Engage students to ensure student success.
  4. Data visuals that illustrate successes and gaps.
  5. Streamline support by providing answers to common support issues.

A Deep Dive Exploration of Impact

Check out these resources to help increase your awareness of this brilliant tool:

If you want a wealth of excellent resources on all things Canvas, check out the Instructure Study Hall.
The Study Hall does not disappoint.