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 ** This content is out of date and will not be updated as of 8/22/17 **

First things first: Unplag is pro-nounced "un-PLAH-g"  Smiley Wink Took us a while to figure that out too.


Our School had been previously using Turnitin as our main Plagiarism tool and decided to move on to another for various reasons. I was neck deep in the community trying to see what everyone else uses for their Plagiarism detection. There were enough options to make my head spin. Research upon research, not much else was popping up aside from the Industry Giant we were using. I then ran across the Alternative to Turnitin? thread discussion and was immediately relieved to see other people had the same problem I did.

After sifting through the comments, there were a few options before me, so we begun to test. I created a resource Plagiarism Checker Applications, LTI's, Oh My! to be able to link back all the Plagiarism checkers I could find in one spot.

Unplag has had really great customer service and awesome response times, they also have a lot of resources. (seriously, check out the Alliance Partner - Unicheck page, they have everything hyperlinked there) Considering they're based in the Ukraine and we are located in Salt Lake City (MST) this is an incredible achievement. Additionally, we had several questions and requests while we were testing this in Beta, and Unplag responded to every one of them. Often taking our feature suggestions and making changes in record turn around time.

Our institution had a checklist for what we needed:

-Must have Speed Grader Integration

-Must be allow student to Re-Submit assignments

-Must be able to retain Assignment Settings

All of these have been achieved. There are always things that can be improved, but as far as another plagiarism checker, they've quickly become our top pick and great to use. They even put more credit on our account to allow us to continue using the tool while our Finance department settled things with getting officially signed over. Essentially, anything they could to do help, they did.

Since I've been doing trainings with our staff every day this week to get them comfortable with the tool, I wanted to post some info here if you're looking at another plagiarism tool and wanted to see how it integrated into Canvas yourself.

Feel free to take a look at these documents:

Unplag Plagiarism LTI: How to Create an Unplag Assignment

Unplag Plagiarism LTI: How to Change Settings on an Unplag Assignment

Unplag Plagiarism LTI: Student Submissions in Unplag - How does it Work?

Unplag Plagiarism LTI: Student Submissions in Unplag - DRAFT CHECKS - How do they work?

Unplag Plagiarism LTI: Student Submissions in Unplag - RE-SUBMISSIONS - How do they work?

Are you using Unplag? What are your experiences?