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Where do you find course content?

Community Team
Community Team
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Earlier today, Phil Hill said in a blog post that as teachers respond to mass school closures the initial phase we are seeing is a lot of people wanting to move from synchronous face to face education to synchronous online video conferencing.  Phil theorized that as people begin to become aware of some of the inequalities of relying on video conferencing technology that requires all students to have “high speed internet,” and as teachers become more familiar with the online environment, a second main phase will focus more on asynchronous content delivery. 

If you are familiar with finding good content online, and adding it to your Canvas course, where do you go to find it?  Canvas Commons is a global online learning object repository (LOR) with content shared by Canvas users from around the world, designed to let you copy content directly from Commons into your Canvas course.  Not all institutions elect to link their instances of Canvas to Commons but it is available in Free-for-Teacher Canvas.

Another place instructors frequently turn to find materials for their courses is the world of Open Educational ResourcesOER Commons  is one example of public digital library of open educational resources.  Educause also has an excellent listing of other OER repositories.  Lumen has an amazing resource site as well. 

There are many educationally focused video resource collections to choose from, including Khan Academy (which has a whole section dedicated to homeschooling), or Teachertube.

If you know your way around instructional design and course building where do you typically go to find good course content?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

This is from a member of the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. It is great advice for most schools and districts with established courses online. Share the wealth, folks!

Calling all Washington CTC faculty who teach online through Canvas!
Your new-to-Canvas colleagues need online content NOW! Let’s help them out so they can get online quickly and be ready to teach without needing to reinvent the wheel. 
Will you share your course to Canvas Commons? You can share your content strictly inside our system and set the licensing however you’d like. See our How to share your Canvas Course to Commons for step-by-step instructions (URL: 
Notes on sharing:
  • Choose either Consortium or Public level access
  • Consortium: Only faculty at our WA CTC’s will see it
  • Public level: Anyone with a Canvas account will see it
  • Select the terms of use of your choice.
  • Select Copyrighted if you would like to be contacted for permission when someone wants to use your course beyond adopting it for the upcoming quarter.
  • Select Creative Commons or Public domain to grant permission in advance; you don’t need to be contacted in order for someone to use your course content.
  • Add ‘WACTC’ as one of the tags along with your course name and number.
  • Share a whole course, or selected portions of a course, such as a lab, single module, an assignment, or a quiz. 
And, our team is here if you have any questions. Send your inquiries to
Google DocsGoogle Docs
How to Share Your Canvas Course to Commons Open your Canvas course shell Go to Settings Click Share to Commons on the right top of the screen Set the Sharing and License Parameters Who can use this resource? This setting limits who can access your shared course. Choose the Consortium (WA S...(205 kB)