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We have a user at the University who will have 2 purposes for needing a Canvas account. She will: 

1) be fed by our SIS as a teacher into courses she is the instructor of

2) need an account with differing permissions for training she is conducting 


If we create an Account Role for her, when she is fed from Banner into her course will her role of Teacher have the Teacher permissions or will the Account Role interfere/supersede those permissions?

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I believe the Account role will take precedence if the course is in the same sub-account in which they are assigned an Account role. 

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Hi Ellingtonsp,

Piggybacking on @MattHanes , if you could create a sub-account for your training courses, then applying a different role for this user would be easier.

See: What user roles and permissions are available in Canvas? or Video: Permissions

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