ADA Mentor Access Role

Community Novice

We have a need for an ADA Mentor role, which would be just like the observer role, but would permit the mentor to view the quiz so that they can assist an impaired user that needs to take the exam. Here is a chart of Observers Visibility and Participation PDF. Again, we would like to have this but to also include quiz visability, not answering the quiz.

Scenario: A blind student is to take and exam, yet a geology instructor has made the exam to include images. According to ADA, the ALT code of any image would have to be very descriptive, thus giving the answers to the students. So the need of an ADA Mentor would be to verbally describe the image, without disclosing the terms. Thus, abled students would not have a means to gain answers.

We have tried to create this role based on the OBSERVER role, but for some reason the ability to assign a user to the new role does not work. Likewise, we do not want to base it off a different role (i.e. TA or Teacher role) because of the additional abilities that would be given.

There could be an additional issue with quiz settings. The mentor would have to see exactly what the student is accessing. This may be a challenge from the quiz settings- rotated questions, one question at a time, etc.