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Account Role permissions for Question banks

I have a Group of Teachers that I want to write items into Root level Question Banks, so we can distribute question across courses and connect Q-banks to Outcomes at the root level.  I was playing around with Account Role permissions for this user and i can let them see "Outcomes" but I cannot figure out how to allowed them to see "Question Banks" option to create Q-banks on Root level without giving them too much Admin rights.  Any suggestions?

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I never messed much with this because you can't import questions from another source and I didn't want to copy and paste questions into the admin banks. For classic quizzes, I would create a course and add all teachers in the course as teachers so they can import the question banks into their own courses.  In new quizzes, the item banks (new terminology) are tied to the teacher and they will have sharing capabilities so they can share item banks with each other. 

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Hi Leo

You might have worked this out already - I found your question when I was looking into this too.

Turns out the role needs to be give Account Role (i.e., a simple admin) and the permission you need to set is "Assignments and quizzes - add / edit / delete".  The blurb on the right for this permission says:

Question banks (account navigation)
Determines visibility and management of the Question Banks link in Account Navigation.
Worked for me. I setup a new Account Role and gave very minimal permissions but included this one.