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Add Redirect Tool available to all Course Shells, disabled by default

We have a web application at our institution that is currently not using LTI integration. As as simple first step towards integrating into Canvas, I would like to add a Redirect Tool pointing to our web application. I can easily do this as an admin. And by clicking the Show in Course Navigation, the redirect appears in every course shell in whatever account I add the tool. However, I would like to make the tool disabled by default, thus allowing Teachers to add the too to their Course Shell's Navigation if they see fit. Any advice would be helpful, since I have not found an easy way to do this yet.


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Community Champion

Have you read the fantastic blog post? Part 2, updating via API, might do the trick (although I haven't tried it myself).

Community Participant

Thanks! I was trying something along those lines (modifying the Common Cartridge XML) but was not getting it to work. The post you pointed out got me to the the other side.


Instead of using the URL config you can edit the XML and configure via XML directly. The code below needs the URL and title updated, but it has the correct settings to have the tool disabled by default.

<blti:title>CHANGE THIS TITLE</blti:title>
Add links to external web resources that show up as navigation items in course, user or account navigation. Whatever URL you specify is loaded within the content pane when users click the link.
<lticm:property name="url">https://CHANGE THIS URL</lticm:property>
<blti:extensions platform="">
<lticm:options name="course_navigation">
<lticm:property name="enabled">true</lticm:property>
<lticm:property name="visibility">public</lticm:property>
<lticm:property name="icon_url">
<lticm:property name="link_text"/>
<lticm:property name="privacy_level">anonymous</lticm:property>
<lticm:property name="tool_id">redirect</lticm:property>