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I wanted to find out how many universities use Canvas for non-academic courses, like online tutoring, instructor resources, advising, and other types of activities outside of academic departments.  We are preparing to launch an Instructor Canvas Resource course, that all faculty will automatically be enrolled in and we already have online tutoring course that all online-program students are auto-enrolled in.  The advising department would like to set up a resource course for faculty advisors and they have also expressed interest in course for students to interact with their advisors.

Are any of your universities using Canvas this way? Can you share any pros and cons?

Thank you,

Delayna Breckon

CWU Canvas Admin

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Community Coach
Community Coach

In addition to traditional course use, we use Canvas for:

  • Online Student Orientation (for all students who use Canvas)
  • Student FAQ Resources
  • Student Honors
  • Multiple Student Clubs
  • Online Faculty Training (for all faculty who use Canvas)
  • Adjunct Resource Information
  • Faculty Resource Information
  • Faculty Senate
  • Tenure/Promotion Information - some faculty have used Canvas courses and ePortfolio's for their Tenure/Promotion documentation
  • Library Resources
  • English Final Exit Exam - this isn't a real course, but a final exam all students enrolled in a specific course have to take
  • English Success Information - place for students who aren't ready for College level English to get remediated
  • Health Professions Documentation - a place for our Nursing Faculty to keep track of all of the nursing students and what/how they are doing
  • Health Professions Orientation - Orientation for Health Profession Students
  • Rad Tech Orientation - Orientation for Rad Tech Students

And honestly there might be more that I'm not thinking of/remembering right now!

We've been using Canvas for over 2 years and I don't have any real Con's for using Canvas this way other than courses aren't always set-up to do/be what people want it to be so we sometimes have to work with them to get Canvas to do what they need it to do. Overall everyone has been pretty happy with how it works.

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