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Has anyone setup a "jr admin" type account role that is allowed to add new users to Canvas via email invitation?  Our HR department is creating a course for non-teacher staff (so they aren't coming over as part of the SIS import).  We would like for the HR staff to be able to send out course invites for new users, but not have full admin rights.   To complicate things, we don't want to turn on Open Registration because it will only be a couple of people who need the elevated access.



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You're looking for "Modify Login Details for Users" and it has to be at the Root Account (not subaccount admins).  That's the hidden permission I had to find.  Besides that permission, they'll need some permissions to find the courses, which could be at the subaccount level if desired.   I've designed an admin role for one of our Dental admins to add users, and I've given them a Root Account admin role with just "Modify Login Details for Users", then a subaccount admin role with full permissions.  Seems to work.

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