Allow teachers to remove teacher/ta enrollments created by sis import?

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Hi all,

We're currently migrating to canvas. 

We want our teachers to be able to add and remove other teachers/TAs from their course, and we have the  " add / remove teachers, course designers, or TAs in courses"  permission enabled for teachers. This works well for enrolments that have been created within the canvas GUI. 

Unfortunately, we do not have authoritative teaching enrolment data in our SIS, so we are copying over the teaching enrolments as they exist in our former LMS, which has been built up over many years.  As part of our migration, we then built a once-off SIS enrolment file from this data, and loaded into canvas. This was intended to be a starting point, and teachers could then add or remove colleagues as needed.  

Unfortunately the data uploaded via SIS import with the teaching enrolments is now tagged as being owned the SIS, and there is no option for teachers to remove theses enrolments, which will mean that an admin has to do it. 

Anybody else come across this, and come up with a workaround?  



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