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Anyone used these Course Evaluation solutions?

Hi Canvas wizards,

I'm looking into Course Evaluation solutions for the virtual school that I work for. We want something that integrates with Canvas. I already found great discussions on here (like this one) about course evals, but most of them deal with the big players, such as EvaluationKit by Watermark, Blue by Explorance, and CourseEval by Anthology.

I'm also considering two smaller course evaluation solutions: SmartEvals and CourseEval HQ by Etudes. (I found them on the EduAppCenter). Has anyone used SmartEvals or CourseEval HQ? And if so, can you share what you thought of them?

Thank you,


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Hello Andrew,

I'm a Canvas Admin at a school that uses CourseEvalHQ. It integrates well well with Canvas and automates everything from adding the survey to a student's calendar/to-do list to sending the results to one or more emails. This is the only evaluation tool I have used but I am satisfied with it's performance at our school.



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We use CoursEval.  I find the provisioning to be a bit of a mess.  The survey build system is good and it does a great job of pushing your students to answer the evaluation through email and in Canvas popup messages.  I think the survey reporting is adequate.