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Attendance role and permissions

Our institution is using the Roll Call feature for all of our ground and hybrid courses.  I need to grant access to specific individuals so they can check attendance in specific courses and on specific students, but that really should be all they can do as an administrator.  I'm having trouble getting the correct permissions in order for this to happen.  Has anyone set up a role like this already?  Thank you!

Amy Johns

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @amyjohns ​, I'm not sure of the right combination, but here's a forum that should provide some helpful information and links about permissions - Canvas Permission Updates.

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 @amyjohns ​ - I  @kate_hill ​ have actually went through this at my institution. It was difficult because I was giving limited administrator access to people who knew nothing about Canvas, or how to use the advanced features.

Here's what I came up with in regards to their permissions. I went into "Permissions," and then "Add Role." From there, I named the new role "Attendance," which indicates to me that these people are only gaining access to the parts of Canvas that would allow them to view Attendance for each course.

Unfortunately, there's no permission "line item" that deals with Attendance specifically. Here's a list of the following permissions that I granted to those who need to have access:

  1. Manage (add/edit/delete) courses
  2. View statistics
  3. View list of courses
  4. See the list of users
  5. View all grades
  6. View analytics pages

This seems like quite a few just for attendance, but I needed to try and make sure I was able to provide them with enough to view attendance for each course.

This may be a great idea to vote on, and a lot of users don't understand the FEDERAL attendance requirement that we have to comply with.

Kate -

Thank you so much!  This works beautifully for allowing administration to view user statistics, but I still can't get the Roll Call Attendance item to work for them; they get an error when they run a report.  But this is a beautiful base to start from. 

We recently have been through a federal financial aid audit - these attendance requirements are HUGE - I feel you!  Smiley Happy

Community Coach
Community Coach

From the following permissions sheet - - it appears that attendance is tied together with the "Manage all other course content" permission.


Thanks - I've tried this permission and am still getting the error.  I'm not sure if something has changed or if there is simply something not right on our end.  I'll keep trying and keep you all posted.  I appreciate your help!

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Community Coach

I'd try Canvas support next if you keep running into problems; I'd also include the link to this discussion so they can see everything that's been tried/discussed.


Hi  @amyjohns ​, I'm glad Kate was able to help you out. As Kona mentioned, if you're still having trouble with the attendance reporting, please submit a ticket with Canvas support so they can dig into it a bit more for you.



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Community Coach

 @amyjohns ,

We are giving the Canvas Admins area a little bit of love (especially questions that are really, really old) and just want to check in with you.  This will also bring this question new attention. 


Were you able to find an answer to your question? I am going to go ahead and mark this question as answered because there hasn't been any more activity in a while so I assume that you have the information that you need. If you still have a question about this or if you have information that you would like to share with the community, by all means, please do come back and leave a comment.  Also, if this question has been answered by one of the previous replies, please feel free to mark that answer as correct.



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Why is the permission to take attendance under Course Content - Add / Edit / Delete? What if you want a TA to take attendance but not be able to Add / Edit / Delete course content? Doesn't it make sense to add this to the Grades - Edit permission?